Orvito - Case Study - Multi Wireless Radio Board

Multi Radio Wireless Board

Client had a Gateway designed using a Raspberry Pi 4. The Gateway Software was designed on top of Linux. However, only Wi-Fi and Ethernet LAN network interfaces were available on the device. The Client application required the Gateway to support LoRa(r), BLE 5.0 Extended interfaces and also LTE. The designed required the radios to be enabled and controlled from Application software.


The solution we proposed was:
• Multi Radio daughter board for Raspberry Pi (HAT)
• The board interfaces with RPi using a 40 pin connector
• The board uses LoRa chipset in module form factor with antenna on board
• A BLE 5.0 supported IC mounted with PCB trace antenna
• A 4G/LTE module on board with u.FL antenna and directional antennas


Orvito designed the hardware board with semiconductor BLE of nRF52833 (IC). LoRa chipset from Semtec, and LTE Module from Cavli. A separate BLE chipset was required for Raspberry Pi as the current RPi hardware does not support all extended features of BLE 5.0 such as BLE 5 Extended advertising. Drivers and Middleware was developed on top of Linux to control BLE 5 Extended advertising. This allowed the system to use LE 2M PHY to double dataspeeds on BLE using 2M/S symbol rate and also increased payload size from 31 octets to 255 octets.

The LoRa was required for long range communication for Gateway to Gateway communication. The system was creating a local private wireless network mesh. We used Semtech SX1276 module on the daugther card. We developed middleware libraries to control and manage data channels to LoRa. The middleware libraries were exposed to Application software using TCP/UDP sockets. This was done to ensure support for different programming languages from C, JAVA to Python.

4G/LTE support was provided using eSIM supported module from Cavli. An eSIM options is operationally preferred by clients as it helps in deployment anywhere in the world. We developed middleware to support 4G data control, Signal management, Telco account management. Library was provided to application for connectvity to Cloud via REST API's and MQTT protocol.


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