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Energy Monitoring and Maintenance

Our client had multiple Factories for milling Rice from raw crop. They have multiple lines of motors and heavy machinery spread across acres of factory land. The management wanted to track energy consumption across different lines and against time and usage. They wanted better reporting to control their energy billing and also better utilize their motors. Optimization of Energy (voltage and current) across machinery increases the lifetime of heavy machinery.


Orvito used its Nucleo end point hardware (Ovule™) to connect to Energy meters from Schneider Electric to read Energy consumption parameters over MODBUS . Each Ovule would be connected to maximum 20 meters in series to collect data from the Energy meters. The MODBUS protocol is supported by most Energy meters in the market.

The parameters collected were
• Three Phase Voltages (V)
• Three Phase Currents (Amp)
• Total & Phase Active Power (P)
• Total & Phase reactive Power (Q)
• Total & Phase Power Factor (Cos)
• Frequency (Hz)
• Active Energy (EP+) (EP-)
• Reactive Energy (Eq+) (Eq-)


The solution collected the data from multiple Ovules on site to communicate the same wirelessly to Cloud directly over LTE. We used Cavli Wireless E-Sim solution to enable the solution to be deployed anywhere in the world.

A cloud platform was deployed to monitor energy consumption and provide notification alerts for any abnormal behavior. The Web application would enable users to view consumption patterns and download reports in Excel.

This enabled them to better distribute load across lines and reduce maintenance costs. The customer could review data over past 12 months through Nucleo™ Cloud to understand historical usage and patterns.


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