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Contact Tracing for Employees

Our client wanted to provide an End to End solution to track movement of employees in their office to better understand employee movement and individual interactions. It was critical for contact tracking purpose for employees on site and also visitors. It was very critical during the COVID 19 pandemic.


The solution brief was:
• An invisible solution which does not require any behavior change
• Identify card form factor device which is not invasive
• Battery powered device
• Automatic data collection
• Data collection to Cloud
• Review, Analysis, Auditing of data
• Smoother on boarding of employees


We created Bluetooth Low Energy BLE 5.0 supported identity card form factor hardware using nRF52833 SoC from Nordic Semiconductor with multiple sensors (Accelerometer, Audio detection) on board. A proprietary algorithm was developed on the device to detect presence of other devices around within 3 meter distance. The location of interaction and device identity would be recorded. We provided certain devices as location tags to record current indoor location of the Employee. The device is powered by a Li-Ion battery which would last 6 months on regular office usage.

The device was provided to employee as their regular company identity card used for access control. Every time the employee exited from Company premise the data would be collected from the devices automatically via our Nucleo™ Gateway. The Gateway would analyze the data and upload the same to Cloud.

Nucleo cloud would run algorithms to create interaction maps and provide reports to Senior Management. We created a Web based user interface to manage devices, assign, activate, de-activate and view reports of device usage and interaction.


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