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Electrocardiogram Device

An Electrocardiogram is a medical test to detect heart problems. It is based on the concept of detecting electrical activity when the heart contracts


The ECG devices used to perform these tests are quite complex, large in size and expensive.

Client approached us to design and prototype portable ECG devices which can be used for classical bio-marker based CVD analysis. This class of devices can be used in clinical testing by Doctors as compared to other consumer electronic ECG devices available in the market which are more limited to home use.

The client wanted a solution which has:

1. Bio-Marker based measurement based on CVD Analysis
2. Should be wearable, and portable
3. Designed to be used as either a Holter or Clinical Diagnostic
4. Handle 3 to 12 leads conversion in a ECG device
5. It should upload all data to cloud
6. Provide access to filtered and analytics data on the go


We created a Li-Ion battery powered device of about 4 inches by 4 inches size. The device uses ADC to measure electrocardiograph leads signal, the on board Microcontroller processes the signals from ADC and creates appropriate data points, the data are uploaded to Cloud over Wi-Fi.

We provided the Client with complete Backend on top of our Nucleo™ platform to handle patient data, ECG data and Android app to configure, visualize and manage the ECG device. The App would manage the ECG device over Bluetooth. Custom algorithms were written on Cloud to process data from the device. The app would pull data from Cloud and display the same in graphical format for per ECG and per Patient data.


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