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Hardware Design & Development

Our hardware design and development services provide Slide-to-RFM (STR) solution.

Our STR takes your idea concept take it through system design, Circuit design, Board Level Analysis, PCB, Mechanical, Prototyping to BOM and Volume manufacturing plan. We walk with you through the milestones of Prototyping, MVP, Field Testing, Pre Production and Production.

  • System Design
  • We do system design with the User as the central point. We do Storyboarding and Use Case analysis to understand different usage patterns of the product. The product requirements are formalized and understood with the client. This is required to ensure we are designing the product with future proofing the needs of the customer. Design level decisions in hardware are very difficult and expensive to change at later stages of product lifecycle.

    The output of the process is Circuit Design, Approximate BOM costs, Certification Plans, Assembly and Maintenance plans for the product. This helps in designing mechanical enclosures, Board design and Prototyping.

    i. Requirements Gathering
    ii. Hardware platform selection
    iii. Schematic
    iv. BOM selection
    v. Process Design
    vi. Rapid Prototyping

  • Board Design
  • Board Design is PCB Design services based on System design inputs. We can take your circuit design and convert to working PCB boards designed and fabricated. We have capability to handle multilayer PCB with analog and digital circuit designs into the same PCB.We have expertise to handle multi radio and wireless connectivity solutions on the PCB.

    i. Design for Assembly
    ii. Design for Manufacturing
    iii. PCB Layout and Mechanical
    iv. Multi-Layer PCB design
    v. Impedance matching
    vi. RF PCB circuit design

  • Mechanical Design
  • Your product will need a physical casing and not just any casing. Studies have proved that adoption of a product is not just about technology inside but also aesthetically built housing.

    Engineering is not just about external aesthetics of the product but also ensuring internal mechanics works perfectly for product electronics.

    i. Enclosure Design
    ii. Sketching & 3D Modelling
    iii. 3D printing
    iv. Enclosure Sample Production
    v. Integration with Electronics

Embedded Software Development

We provide end to end software development services for our hardware designs. If you want us to fix your existing system please . We can look at such solutions. The software to be developed has to be optimized for the hardware and consider different use cases and usage scenarios

Orvito has expertise in working with different ARM microcontrollers and Microprocessors. We have our own modules under production which provide integrated wireless connectivity, battery management, and application libraries.

We assume that the software being designed for Cloud connectivity. Orvito has built libraries which enable us to turn around faster with ready solutions. Libraries connect to our Cloud and provide data and monitoring functionality.

  • Firmware
  • i. Microcontroller level software for devices, sensors and peripheral without operating system

  • Linux Kernel Development
  • i. Development and Modification of Linux OS for customized hardware performance, new hardware support and driver development

  • Middleware
  • i. Libraries for Data processing on Gateways
    ii. Libraries for Data mapping between devices and databases
    iii. Development of custom software for interconnection of different hardware and software components

  • Wireless Connectivity
  • i. Drivers for various Radio communication
    ii. Ready connectivity package for Wi-Fi, BLE, BT,NFC, LORA, GPS, LTE
    iii. Wireless system design, testing and certification services

Front End

Devices and Gadgets require an intuitive and elegant user interface. A User Interface which is responsive and efficient in User experience, Handle data, Interact with Cloud and Device in real time.We have developed and deployed multiple such applications.

  • Web Application Interface
  • Mobile Application
  • Monitoring and Management Dashboards

Back End

We believe in collecting data of your environment and presenting the same to you. This requires a system which is able to collect data from many many devices on the field in real time, process the data, store data for future auditing, dish out the data to Front End user interfaces, and Scale the system for processing millions of records.

  • API Services Design and Development
  • Middleware for API Solution
  • Database Design
  • Messaging and Push Service design
  • Cloud Infrastructure Design and Deployment

Quality Assurance

Systems are developed and made ready for Pre-Production. We understand that our clients needs different levels of QA reports, testing procedures to enable them go through prototyping, Field Testing, Pre Production and Production cycles.

You need testing to ensure what was conceptualized is what is being delivered. We provide manual, automated, stress, vulnerability and certification testing services.Testing is required to ensure product confirms to different certification standards. to prepare a testing plan for your requirements.

  • Automated Testing using device test jigs
  • Manual Testing Electronic Products
  • Testing for Certification Requirements

Manufacturing Services

All our design and development is done with Manufacturing in mind. Our schematic, PCB layouts, BOM selection and such are for Ready for Manufacturing. Orvito takes you from Slide-To-RFM (STR) to Mass production through our Manufacturing services.

Orvito handles not just SCM, BOM, Cost optimization but also ensures IP protection. Your IP belongs to you. It is not share with anyone. The production process ensures that data is isolated. Our Clients can use our Warehouses for stocking and take production supplies in smaller lots. We can ship directly to your customer sites. This reduces your logistics operations and costs.

Orvito also handles returns process, warranties, and service and repair process. for more details.

  • Supply Chain Management
  • BOM Procurement & Validation
  • Cost Optimization
  • Manufacturing Process definition
  • Yield Management


We are experienced professionals who understand that It services is changing, and are true partners who care about your future business success.

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