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Supported Hardware

Orvito has worked on multiple hardware platforms. We have developed designs and libraries using Microcontrollers, Microprocessors, Digital Signal Processors and other Digital IO modules/interfaces.

We specialize in Integration of wireless connectivity with devices along with sensors. The Nucleo firmware libraries connect to Nucleo Cloud. The Cloud is designed to support Data collection, Device management, Data Analysis. We have REST APIs to enable you to rapidly integrate the system into your Application.



Example series of Microcontrollers used are PIC18F, PIC16F, PIC24F

Nordic Semiconductor

Nordic Semiconductor

Example Bluetooth and BLE IC's used are nRF52832, nRF52833 with Soft Radio (SDK). We have also produced modules with Semiconductor IC.

Si Labs

Si Labs

We have SiLabs Microcontroller like WGM160, WF111, WF121 and WF200 in various projects. The company also has good assortment of Sensors and Power Management ICs


Espressif Systems

Espressif Systems ESP8266 and ESP32 Series Microcontrollers are workhorse MCU used for various IoT prototyping projects. The MCU has been designed into low cost devices which require cloud connectivity.


Raspberry Pi

Different RPi models from PiZero to RPi 4 Model B were used to create Gateways, Data Loggers to Computer vision AI models. The hardware is versatile enough for rapid prototyping and also to be used in small volume product production.

Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments

Orvito has developed devices using TI's power management, DC-DC and Level shifter IC's. This is apart from its low power MSP432 IC and wireless RF IC's like CC1312R, CC3220. The company's ADC's like ADS1198 are used for multi channel analog signal capture and DSP.

More Info

We develop prototypes and solutions in Healthcare and Manufacturing from Design to Prototype to Production. Contact us to get more info about our solutions at info@orvito.com


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