Integrated Orvito IoT Platform

NucleoTM platform offers safety, security and lighting solutions for homes and businesses. Nucleo has been designed and developed based on a single guiding principle – seamless connectivity and communication to revolutionize the IoT industry and build a true smart home or enterprise. Nucleo is capable of third party device integration and provides a consistent user experience.

Nucleo™ – An Operating System for the Internet of Things

Orvito Nucleo™ is a secure Internet of Things device management, monitoring and control platform. Nucleo was created with the vision of making your physical space smarter by giving you the ability to connect, monitor, control and automate any device in your home, office or building in a single, integrated IoT network. Nucleo delivers on this vision by:

Integrating a wide variety of third party Internet of Thing(s) devices and Orvito’s own devices in a single, seamless network

Providing Internet of Things as a Service (TaaS) to application developers

Nucleo already supports the entire family of Orvito home and building automation products, and we are actively building relationships with third party manufacturers to expand the range of products supported by Nucleo.

For application developers, Orvito provides Nucleo TaaS via a real-time web services infrastructure. Developers can integrate the outputs from any supported IoT device into their new and existing applications, and provide inputs for control to the same devices. Developers can use the Nucleo SDK to develop a wide range of services for smart homes, smart buildings and even public spaces.

A Smart Home Use Case

A Smart Home Use Case: Many smart homes incorporate incompatible devices from multiple manufacturers. Nucleo adds a single point of control and a single web services layer to manage, monitor and secure these otherwise incompatible Things. A developer doesn’t need to learn different programming langauges or protocols in order to create powerful applications that put Nucleo to work for homeowners.

A Public Space Use Case

Imagine a football stadium with multiple air quality sensors. These IoT sensors can connect wirelessly with Nucleo to provide facility managers with a steady feed of air quality updates via desktop, smartphone and tablet apps created by developers to monitor environmental conditions.

A Commitment to Collaboration

Our design and development decisions are predicated on a single guiding principle – seamless connectivity across otherwise incompatible devices will bring true value to the end. This is not about offering a single smart light bulb or a stand-alone thermostat, but enabling consumers to lead the connected lifestyle they hope to live. We believe we can play a part in making this vision a reality, but we know we can’t do it alone. That’s why, with Nucleo, we are always looking for third party products that add real value for end consumers by connecting physical space to the digital world.

If you are a manufacturer, designer or developer and would like to explore how your product can integrate into Nucleo, please contact us.

Nucleo is powered by central unit that offers a complete solution for smart homes and buildings, and acts as a gateway to Orvito Cloud. Learn More