Orvito Indulge Intelligence
An enhanced experience for your guest

Give your guests the very best in service and hospitality. With a single touch, your guests can make sure everything about their room is just how they like it - lights, temperature, TV, music, dining menu, and a lot more. You gain an opportunity to increase your operational efficiency, lower your costs, and reduce your energy consumption.

Lighting & Appliance Control

Let your guests control all lights and appliances with a single touch. Give them the option to customize the in-room experience to their liking.

Set rules to manage common area lighting and other devices from a centralized location. This solution gives you an opportunity to free your staff from mundane work like manually switching on/off the appliances. Advanced customization can also alert you to the need for equipment maintenance, resulting in a reduction in downtime and increased cost savings.

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Innovative controls
Sprinklers, Swimming pool lighting

Convert your hotel into a Green Zone. Improve energy usage and increase awareness of energy management among your guests and staff. With advanced analytics, you can track historical and real-time usage, identify actionable measures, and reduce your carbon footprint and cost of operations.

Exclusive Range to Match Your Hotel’s Décor

From the moment your guest enters her room for the first time, Orvito Smart Switch Panel ensures the perfect first impression through its clean, modern design language with a variety of colors to complement your room décor. The hospitality range comprises Smart Switch Panel, Bedside Request Panel and Scene Controller.

Visitor Management

Orvito Visitor Management provides interactive, convenient and secure access control to your property. A central reception makes the entire visitor management process easy and helps to improve the system’s efficiency by providing a central data storage location.

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Centralized access control, visitor management and Intercom facilities with a single touch! Tier 1, 2 & 3 visitor management solutions

Exclusively for you!

Especially designed Orvito courtesy panel for the hotel industry not only provides visitor management but also allows the guest to request hotel services with a single touch.

Customizable service request options

Customized design and colors to enhance the room décor

High quality retrofittable installation

Conference Rooms

Turn your conference rooms and banquet facilities into smart spaces where guests experience ultimate efficiency, productivity and top-of-the-line experience.

Orvito conference room solutions allow users to control otherwise incompatible devices through easy-to-use, elegant user interfaces. Orvito conference room solutions allow you to create preset scenes that allow users to control lighting, projectors, HVAC, blinds and all other appliances in the room with a single touch.

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  • ...Lighting Control

    This system allows you to control lighting to suit your room design, use and style. Pre-program lighting scenes to create the ideal environment for everything from a business conference to a wedding banquet.

  • ...HVAC control

    Preset or schedule temperature changes based on different requirements. Motion sensors enable switching on and off of the HVAC system automatically without human intervention.

  • ...Projector Control

    A single tap on the Orvito touch panel switches on the projector and lowers the screen. Once the conference room is vacant the projector will turn off automatically, saving energy and eliminating unnecessary replacement of burnt-out bulbs.

  • ...Blind Control

    Automatically open, close or adjust blinds to suit lighting requirements and other environmental conditions.

  • ...Scene Control

    Touch panels provides remote access to all the devices including lights, HVAC, blinds and projector, an enable you to set new scenes from inside or outside your conference facility.

Outdoor Surveillance

With low-light and night vision capabilities, Orvito Peeqoutdoor surveillance cameras provide 24x7 security throughout your entire property. With embedded motion sensors, the cameras can alert you or emergency services in case of any suspicious activity, anytime, no matter where you are.

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Indoor Surveillance

Peeq wide angle capture and pan and tilt features ensure reliable monitoring of hard-to-see spaces. Create safe zones in your rooms and on your property; know when security is breached in store areas, private offices and other sensitive spaces through motion detection and advanced alerts.

Improve surveillance with high quality images

  • High quality capture of more detailed video images by Orvito Peeq indoor camera

  • Infrared night vision functionality results in better video quality in low and no-light conditions

  • More accurate, realistic color reproduction in Orvito Peeq video captures

Advanced Safety

Whistle – Orvito’s smart environmental sensors – protect your property, your guests and your staff from dangers resulting from intrusion, fire and smoke conditions, and gas leaks. Prevent property loss and fatalities with early warning alerts, even for minor dangers, that let you know the exact nature and location of the issue and automatically contact hotel security and emergency services without further human intervention.

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  • Intruder Alert

    Motion sensor can be programmed to monitor activity around the clock or only during specific days and times.

  • Fire Alert

    The fire sensor raises an alarm when it detects any fire or smoke condition.

  • Gas Leaks

    The gas sensor is capable of detecting even a minor leak and issue a No Delay alert that allows your staff or the authorities to take prompt action.