Around-the-Clock Video Surveillance

Orvito cameras take personal and property safety to the next level. With real-time video surveillance, you can keep an eye on your children, check in on your elderly parents, and protect your property and assets around the clock, from inside your home or from anywhere in the world. Using the Orvito mobile app, you can not only monitor your video feeds or get alerts of any unusual activity from any smartphone or tablet, but also trigger presets for your other connected appliances in response to the activity you see. Did your cameras notice unusual movement on the periphery of your home after dark? Trigger outdoor lights to turn on or indoor lights to flash, letting any intruders know your Orvito smart home can take care of itself.

Wireless Outdoor Video Surveillance Camera

Orvito outdoor video surveillance cameras are designed to provide reliable performance, even under harsh weather conditions. Protect your property with this high-quality, wireless outdoor security camera that records and archives the full video feed.

Wireless Indoor Video Surveillance Camera

Discreet design, quality of image, reliability and ease of installation make Orvito's Indoor Video Surveillance Camera a smart choice. Wide-angle capture and the ability to tilt in pan provide a better way to keep an eye on your entire home and your loved ones who live there.

  • Ease of Installation

    Plug and play configuration with wireless Wi-Fi enabled setup gives you an ease of installation anywhere within no time


  • Retrieve Videos

    Trace videos of specific date, time, or incident in video archives quickly and easily, instead of having to manually go over hours of analog video


  • Better Visibility

    With high definition video and night vision technology it is possible to get better visibility of anything or anyone during day or night


Ensure safety and security with 24X7 live video feed of your property. Enables you to watch, operate and control up to 200 cameras from a single application around the clock.

Surveillance & Remote Management

Keep your family and belongings safe and secure with 24X7 live video monitoring of your property. Now you can watch, operate and control up to 200 cameras from a single application. All Orvito cameras are Wi-Fi enabled and let you remotely view your property without the need for a fixed IP address or Dynamic DNS (DDNS) manipulation. You can also view your camera feed on your smartphone or tablet with Orvito iOS and Android apps.

Weather Resistant

The outdoor camera is built to withstand harsh weather conditions (including extreme temperatures and high humidity), corrosion and UV exposure.