Orvito Smart Home – An Enhanced Experience

Welcome to a whole new world of intelligent living. Orvito provides homeowners with the ultimate combination of convenience, security and efficiency through the world’s first truly integrated wireless smart home solutions. With our Wi-Fi enabled, touch-controlled Smart Switch Panel that allows you total home control, mobile applications that keep you wirelessly connected to your space no matter where you travel in the world, and easy non-invasive installation that lets you get up and running within minutes, our home automation products integrate seamlessly into your space and your way of life.


Adopt innovative, secure, and reliable wireless home automation that seamlessly integrates with your existing architecture.


Orvito's solutions are scalable to meet a variety of automation requirements from a small dwelling to a large gated community. Built with a keen eye for scalability, Orvito's solutions do not require network planning and the modular architecture allows you to add additional automation products at any time in the future.


Orvito smart automation products are retrofittable in existing buildings and won’t interfere with your architecture or aesthetics. The products can be flushed into existing walls or hidden from view since they operate through your in-wall power supply. Every product is Wi-Fi® enabled. This allows you to install Orvito anywhere without the hassle of additional wiring.

Easy to Install

Orvito state-of-the-art products are designed to work together seamlessly from the start. With an average installation time of less than 20 minutes, our efficient and trained Orvito Tech Squad™ installs future-ready technology in your space so that you can take advantage of convenient and energy efficient living right away.

Alerts on the Go

Your smart home or business can send messages about the status of your system to an unlimited number of iOS or Android smartphones and tablets.. With voice, text and video messaging capabilities, your smart home or building can reach you any time, anywhere.

Dynamic User Interface

All Orvito products can be configured and controlled from a common user interface on web browser, smartphone and tablet. Control and interact with Peeq cameras, Perch video door phones and Smart Switch Panels within a single application. Orvito's dynamic, instructive and intuitive user interface helps you understand and execute even the most complex home automation functions in just a few simple clicks. This user-friendly interface can be customized, even if you’re not a technology expert.

Access Anywhere

Orvito's iOS and Android applications let you stay connected to your home through Orvito Cloud. Configure and control your smart home devices even when you’re away from home, and set temperature and lighting to suit your mood before you walk in the door.

Compatible and Reliable

Orvito offers complete control of your environment as it is compatible with all available electronic and electrical appliances. By employing end-to-end Wi-Fi® technology, open standards with bank-level encryption, periodically-changed security keys, and private cloud storage, we provide customers with superior data privacy, information security and a system free from interference. International certifications like FCC, IC, and WPC, along with our own product testing efforts assure you that every Orvito product meets the highest quality standards and is free of minor defects that can cause failure of the product.

Support and Service

With offices in America and India, and a growing network of authorized partners everywhere in the world, we ensure robust service after the sale. We also offer 24/7 call center support to help you monitor your system and coordinate with emergency services in case of any accidents.