Orvito Enterprise Intelligence
A Secure, Intelligent and Efficient Workplace

Reimagine your office space through intuitive lighting, live video surveillance, automated safety alerts, automatic door locks, video conferencing, and more. Monitor, analyze and improve the energy efficiency of your organization. Create a work environment that fosters increased productivity and worker satisfaction.


Orvito enterprise security and surveillance solutions provide businesses with a single integrated system that can switch from passive monitoring to active prevention on-demand.Your seecurity staff at a central monitoring station can view live images, control or pan-tilt-zoom cameras ,or search for video clips stored on Orvito Cloud. When an alarm is triggered at any location in your building, your Smart Hub can to begin recording, display live video from a linked camera at the location, map the alarm location, and send an alert to an administrator or emergency services -- all at the same time without human intervention.

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Equipped with wide dynamic range (WDR) that allows Orvito cameras to balance lighting for one clear image

Tamper detection alerts to prevent knocking the camera or even blocking its view

Improve surveillance with high quality images

  • High quality capture of more detailed video images by Orvito Peeq indoor camera

  • Infrared night vision functionality results in better video quality in low and no-light conditions

  • More accurate, realistic color reproduction in Orvito Peeq video captures

Complete Office Automation

Orvito’s complete automation solution offers smart enterprises an open protocol that has the capacity for a complete build-out today and the flexibility to support future expansions. Orvito offers energy codes, remote access and adjustability, plus 24x7 space & equipment monitoring all through a single interface.

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Complete Automation

Orvito’s complete automation solution offers an open protocol that provides flexibility for future additions and has the capacity for all the current and future points necessary for a complete build-out. Orvito offers energy codes, remote access & adjustability, 24x7 space & equipment monitoring through a single interface.

Energy Management

Adoption of an effective “Energy Management Solution” comes with minimal risk and maximum benefit. Improve you business’s energy efficiency. Increase energy awareness among staff. Track and monitor usage in order to make smarter choices that will save money and reduce your organization’s carbon footprint.

Advanced Conference Room Solution

Turn your conference room into a smart spaces that makes a great impression on clients every time you host a meeting. Orvito conference room solutions allow users to control otherwise incompatible devices through easy-to-use, elegant user interfaces. Orvito conference room solutions allow you to create preset scenes that allow users to control lighting, projectors, HVAC, blinds and all other appliances in the room with a single touch.

Orvito introduces multi-tier visitor management that is tailor-made to meet the security needs of high security office facilities. A Perch video door phone installed at the entrance of your building not only screens your visitors but also automatically records images/videos for Improved security and incident investigation. Perch tracks every person entering and exiting the premises and stores recorded video in archived logs for an advanced record management.

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The Video Door phone tracks every person entering and exiting the premise with archived logs for an advanced record management.

Life Safety

Orvito sensors detect even the smallest incident, movement or dangerous condition before it turns into a major situation. Equipped with intuitive intelligence, the sensors have the capability to alert emergency services without human intervention, ensuring minimum delay in response time. They can also integrate with other appliances and alarms to proactively switch on/off equipment even before your security personnel can act.

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Smoke & Gas Sensors

Orvito offers state-of-the-art smoke and gas detection sensors. Orvito sensors can detect different types of combustible and toxic gases, and have the ability to alert the security and emergency services in case of even a minor leak.

Motion Sensor

Embedded with passive infrared sensors (PIRs) to detect even a slight movement, Orvito’s motion sensors protect safe zones in your building. This intelligent device can be configured to control connected equipment, raise alarms, and send alerts by telephone, text or email. Advanced alerts provide authorized responders with complete information about the type, severity and location of the incident to reduce false alarms.


Alerts based on the severity of the leakage/incident thereby reducing false alarms. Provides complete information on type of incident and the location.