Orvito Campus Intelligence
A safe, secure and collaborative environment

Modern schools require a strong infrastructure foundation that provides students and faculty with a secure and productive learning environment today, and enables integration of new technologies tomorrow. Orvito’s cloud-based platform provides unified security, automation and advanced communication solutions for school facilities. Orvito solutions integrate Appliance Control, Visitor Management, Surveillance, Safety and Energy Management.


Monitor your facility through a reliable 24X7 indoor and outdoor video surveillance system. Access live video of your premises anytime, anywhere and receive automatic alerts (including real-time video) on tablet, smartphone or in a web interface. With digital storage on Orvito Cloud, you can review and manage video files archived by the system, and easily retrieve videos based on date, time or event. Orvito’s flexible platform even allows reliable surveillance of open spaces, changing rooms, or difficult-to-wire spaces such as amphitheaters, arenas and stadiums.

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Indoor Surveillance

Create safe zones throughout your premises. Through motion detection and advanced alert functionality, you’ll know when security is breached in sensitive areas such as science laboratories, staff or administration offices, equipment rooms, or medical facilities.

Periphery Surveillance

Detect and act on criminal activity and intruder entry even within the vicinity of your campus with advanced periphery surveillance and alerts.

Advanced Visitor Management

Orvito multi-tier visitor management helps you screen visitors and track every person entering and exiting your campus and school buildings. With archived entry/exit logs, you’ll have an integrated security network that improves the efficiency and effectiveness of any investigation.

Visitor Management

Orvito sensors are capable to sense even a small incident of leakage or movement to stall a major mishap in your campus. Equipped with intuitive intelligence, the sensors have the capability to alert emergency services without human intervention ensuring minimum delay in response time. It can also configure with other appliances and alarms to switch on/off to ward off dangers even before an action from security personnel.

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Complete Automation

Equip your buildings with intelligent technology that automatically optimizes energy consumption based on schedules, weather conditions, occupancy, or time of day. Turn your school into a live learning project by engaging students, faculty and other staff through real-time advanced energy analytics and actionable energy optimizing measures.

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Complete Automation

Orvito’s complete automation solution offers an open protocol that provides flexibility for future additions and has the capacity for all the current and future points necessary for a complete build-out. Orvito offers energy codes, remote access & adjustability, 24x7 space & equipment monitoring through a single interface.

Energy Management

Adoption of an effective “Energy Management Solution” comes with minimal risk and maximum benefit. Improve you school’s energy efficiency. Increase energy awareness among faculty, staff and students. Track and monitor usage in order to make smarter choices that will save money and reduce your school’s carbon footprint.


Orvito Total Integrated Platform (TIPTM) provides real-time information, facilitates interaction, and provides 24X7 access to your school resources. Help your maintenance staff be more productive by eliminating the need to physically monitor equipment across your campus. Enable detailed monitoring of utility usage, so that excess power and the associated expense can be tracked and reconciled. Build on Orvito’s open integrated platform TIPTM to allow staff, students and parents to innovate the way schools are managed and connected.